Why this website?
I’ve started this website to share what I know about coding HTML emails, where we learn how to make our email code superior in every way. That doesn’t mean we do not make mistakes. It means we want to improve and be the best. And try to innovate in this limited and strange field of email coding black-magic.

If you either:

  • want to code HTML emails fast and don’t break a sweat
  • want to see how it is done in big agencies
  • marketing agencies are ripping you off and you want to DIY in-house
  • you work AT marketing agency and want to improve your process
  • your emails break and you want to have a framework that gives you results & peace of mind
  • run a small ecommerce or marketing business and want your employees to be better at email coding (send them a link to this site!)
  • want to earn more as a webmaster/coder or become better prepared for front-end development

I can help.

But you may ask: Who is this random guy from the internet?

Hi. My name is Anastazy.

I teach efficient coding to people, who don’t want to spend years learning all the needed stuff by themselves. I have finely crafted hundreds of complicated email designs into flawless code, given speeches on advanced email coding in Berlin and Wroclaw, have helped one of the biggest software houses in Poland, and worked for marketing agency for over two years.

But life was not always that great…
Soon after finishing college in the field I totally chosen by a random pick (yes, you can facepalm now), with no money, and no ideas, I got a job as a construction worker, mounting windows.

I was working long hours, earned little, and worked in rain, cold, and constant draught. This was not a plan I had in mind for myself… So I switched jobs and tried retail sales at large bookstore chain. As the time passed, more and more I felt like a cog in a big meat grinder. People in, people out. But then I realised that I am not utitlizing even half of my potential. That I need a change.

With one-month-of-a-rent in the pocket, debt on my credit card, and no savings whatsoever, I’ve quit.

You can facepalm yourself again now. Be my guest.

The failure was not an option, so in the next month after assesing what to do, I applied to a webmaster position. Basic HTML and CSS stuff. I thought – if I’ve made some websites for my friends in the past – why not make a career out of it? When I finally made through and started working as a webmaster, I realized how naive I was in my previous attempts at coding. Using the correct tools and strategies, can make all the difference to being efficient and, as a result, profitable.

Why am I saying this? Well, I want to show you, that no matter what you do, you can learn it and be efficient. You can quadruple your productivity. Even if you are ex-retail salesman, a college graduate, or a mom with two kids. Even if you are not “technical”.

See you on the other side.